Virus Protection

It is of vital importance for you to have antivirus protection on your computer. Threats today can be passed via emails, web pages, phishing sites and numerous other methods and with identity theft becoming more prevalent you really can't afford to take chances with your systems or personal information.

We recommend home users to install BullGuard Internet Security - 60 day Trial with full functionality for its simplicity and reliability. It requires very little interaction and offers one of the industries highest protection ratings in independent tests.

Viruses often perform malicious acts on your computer such as deleting data, locking files for a ransom or using your computer to attack other computers. Some viruses report back to a central agency and can pass personal information or browsing habits to a third party without your consent. For businesses this can mean down time and lost revenue while the problems are addressed and fixed. For complete peace of mind for up to 10 systems you can install BullGuard Premium Protection - 30 day Trial with full functionality and get instant protection for your business.

Children often do not understand the risks that are widespread across the internet and will often access innapropriate content or sites. Download Kaspersky Safe Kids and protect your children online for £14.99 to manage and monitor device usage, set rules for internet access and see what your children are searching & sharing online.