Computer Repairs For All Your Devices

Our computers and mobile devices are an integral part of modern life and when they go wrong we can feel lost without them.
Our engineers are trained to identify and correct the root causes of system failures and offer guaranteed repairs to get you up and running again in no time.

Computer Repairs

We can repair any make or model of desktop or laptop. Whatever the problem, from power supply replacement to motherboard troubleshooting or processor overheating. If your system has started to misbehave or even worse, if it won't start up, just call us.

Mobile & Tablet Screen Replacement

Laptop, mobile phone and tablet screens are vulnerable to damage. We supply and fit screens for all types of mobile device, laptops, mobiles phones, iPads, android tablets and more.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We have all encountered virus and spyware on our systems and some of these threaten our privacy, or even worse, ransom our data. We can remove all virus activity from your dekstop or laptop computers and give you back the speed and peace of mind that you have with a new machine.

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